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The extensive use of animal B ultrasound in modern breeding industry

One. Application scope
1. Ultrasound can be for exploration of dairy cows with ovarian development (B ultrasound monitoring of follicular development and ovulation), in order to facilitate timely breeding, improve the pregnancy rate.
2. B ultrasound can be used cows pregnancy (the earliest can be in 28 days after mating) in the early diagnosis, fetal development status check and gestational age, dairy cattle breeding to timely and correct diagnosis judgment can be pregnant cattle implementation of miscarriage and nutrition program; of nonpregnant cows can fill in time, thereby reducing the barren, shorten the calving interval, improving Cow Reproduction, reduce feeding invalid and improve economic benefit; twin identification for the fetus and child care to provide scientific basis and improve the reproduction rate;
3 pregnancy ultrasound monitoring can detect fetal death, abortion, embryo resorption, and sex identification of the fetus cow;
4 date of B ultrasound monitoring can determine fetal viability and fetus, whether as afterbirth;
5 postpartum ultrasound monitoring can observe uterine recovery, and diagnosis of endometritis, pyometra, effusion and other reproductive disease;
6 B ultrasound can be used for diagnosis of ovarian disease in dairy cattle, to provide a scientific basis for the treatment of ovarian diseases;
7 ultrasound can be used to guide the cow in vivo oocyte retrieval.
Two. Early pregnancy monitoring methods
B ultrasound scan can directly observe the initial changes in pregnancy began in the womb. When the cows were tested by the rectum in free standing, they only need to contact the rectal wall with the probe front wall to observe the whole uterus and ovary. There is no need to touch the uterus and ovary, and no damage to the pregnant cows. It has the characteristics of short time and high accuracy. Image is clear and intuitive, when you see the dark area of the dark area of the gestational sac or fetal bone images to confirm early pregnancy positive. The 28 days of pregnancy monitoring can be as early as 32 days after mating, pregnancy monitoring accuracy rate of 100%.
Three. Benefit analysis

B ultrasound monitoring effectiveness: early pregnancy monitoring economic benefits and social benefits are considerable. If every year to 100 cows for monitoring, every year there are 30 parity with not (by 80% of pregnant rate, 1.5 births per year. Calculated only). Use the time can not only reduce the 30 month barren rearing time, but also can be prolific 4 fetal calf. Its economic benefits are considerable, indirect benefits also include improving the efficiency of cattle production, timely detection of cattle diseases and epidemic. This shows that the production and application of great value.


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