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Method of using B ultrasound for animal

1, after the animal with B ultrasound, coated with coupling agent
2, the beast with B ultrasound probe oblique 45 degrees on the last second of the nipple and the bottom of the bottom of the nipple and the blank area
3, from the animal with B ultrasound display screen to judge the image
Sows testing site: checking sows in free standing or lying on the side, in the thigh, finally the nipple to the lateral abdominal wall were explored. In the small angle of the pregnancy test site to move, to observe the B ultrasound screen to identify the location of the womb of the sow. Recommended testing before cleaning the sow test site. Sow on both sides can be tested, regardless of the left or right.
Sows: sow ventral back-end reciprocal to the nipple to the 3 of nipples, sow milk based part lateral 5-10cm, to the direction of the spine of 45 DEG to adjust the visitation.

Backup sow: sow the back end of the back of the back of the 1-2 nipple on the nipple nipple, the top of the sow milk base from the outside 5-10cm, to the opposite direction of the spine 45 degrees to adjust the visiting.


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