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Introduction of animal anesthesia machine

Inhaled animal anesthesia machine inhaled isoflurane for anesthesia, accurately adjust the concentration of the anesthesia machine, the depth of anesthesia can be controlled, so the recovery of animals can be fast.


Parameter characteristics:
1. Drug: Isoflurane
2. Anesthesia: inhalation anesthesia
3. oxygen flowmeter range: 0-5L / min
4. Drug concentration control error: ± 0.1%
5. With a gas circuit conversion device, can be switched freely between the induction box and the mask
6. With height, angle adjustable mask shelf, convenient for any part of surgical anesthesia
7. Experimental animals: Rabbit, cat, dog, goose, monkey, chicken and other small animals weight from 0.5kg-100kg.
8. Anesthesia type: closed anesthesia. semi-closed anesthesia and open anesthesia
9. Anesthesia rack: Portable and can be carried and transfered easily.
10. Waste gas recovery: Reusable exhaust gas recovery fan
11. Different pre-hemp box specifications

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