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Product Name:Wondcon WMV-670A Veterinary Portable X Ray System
Application:Vet hospital,clinic(dog,cat etc)

Description of Wondcon WMV-670A Veterinary Portable X Ray System


4KW, 70ma veterinary x ray system. Saving your facility valuable floor space.

Compact & light weight.


● 4kw 70Ma,portable design,removable head

● Portable x ray machine.

● 6 periods of digital LED display

● 48 kinds of presupposed anatomy memory pattern choice

● Accuracy control method of simulation and double digital loop

● High precision control of tube voltage,tube current

● No consumables, suitable for pet hospitals and other animal diagnosis and treatment machines  

  Failure self-protection,self-diagnosis X ray tube ball into the lead cylinder,effectively

● shielding radiation leak,more environmental protection and operator safety

● Remote control exposure capability for the animal weight less than 40kg.

● 12 months warranty


Power parameter

Input power Voltage: AC220V ± 22V, frequency: 50/60Hz±1Hz; Power capacity: 5kVA; Innerresistance0.5Ω

Maximum output power: P =110kV×36mA=4kW

Nominal power: 100kV, 40mA0.1s, 4kW

Frequency & range


KV adjusting range: 40kV110kV, step adjustment is 1 kV

mA adjusting range: 36mA70mA

mAs adjusting range: 1mAs-200mAs,shifted adjustment

S adjusting range: 0.04s3.2s

X ray tube: Focus:0.6/1.5mm, Anode heating capacity: 76kHU


Size 290×260×230 mm

Weight 18.8kg


Main unit 1 unit

Power supply 1 unit


① Carry suitcase 1 pcs ② Stand 1pcs ③ X ray frame 1 unit ④ DR soft 1pc

Optional DR system

DR General packing list

Main parts              Type/specification    No     Supplier

X-ray tube assembly        YJR110-I           1set      KENID

X ray tube      GF181-0.6/1.5-125- 60      1set      NAGO

beam-definingclipper          YJA-VI             1set       KENID

Digital detector             PaxScan4336R     1set      VARIAN

PC                      Lenovo IdeaPad Y470      1set      Lenovo

rack                                       YJF-I           1set       KENID

The data collection box  --                         1set     VARIAN

Optional DR Technical parameters

A portable digital medical diagnosis of high

supply voltage:single phase AC220V±22V

mains frequency:50Hz/60Hz±1Hz

nominal electric power:4.0kW

working frequency40kHz

tube current adjustable range:Ma in 36 ~ 70 ma can step adjustment range

tube voltage adjustable range:In 40 kv ~ 110 kv within the scope of continuous adjustment, 

adjust the step length to 1 kv.

X ray tubeGF181-0.6/1.5-125-60

The highest peak voltage:125 kV

anode heat content:76KHU

Focus: small focus:0.6mm

big focus:1.5mm

Beam-defining clipperYJA-Ⅵ)
     Digital detectorPaxScan 4336R

Probe scanning the area size:14″×17

limiting resolution:3.61p/mm

A/D transform:14bit

imaging time:less than 4s The image preview time:less than 6s

PC(Lenovo IdeaPad Y470) Rack(YJF-) software function

High voltage generator can be equipped with a variety of X-raytube, the tube of all of the power curve, 

cooling curve, automatic control by software.

Has self-check protection function of fault alarm and shutdown in a timely manner.

Dicom3.0 interfaces for image transmission, query, print, etc With Magellan3 image processing


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