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Product Name:Wondcon WMV680D Equine Anesthesia Machine
Application:Vet hospital,clinic(dog,cat etc)

Wondcon WMV680D Equine Anesthesia Machine


Wondcon WMV680D Equine Anesthesia Machine is designed for use with Equine, Bovine, Zoology, and other large animal anesthesia techniques


● Respiration mode: Manual,open,closed,semi-open and semi-closed mode
● Gas source: O2,0.3--0.4Mpa
● O2 Flush: 25L/min- -75L/min
● Flow meter: High precision O2 flow meter, 0--1L/min--10L/min, O2&N2O
 or O2&N2O two tubes flow meter is option.
● CO2 circle absorber: With soda lime chamber, APL valve, airway pressure gauge, inspiration valve and expiration
● Valve, the inspiration and expiration valve is demo-type and visible.
● Airway pressure gauge: -20cmH2O--100cmH2O &-2Kpa--10Kpa
● APL valve:adjustable easily, range:0-60cmH20
● Soda lime chamber: 8 Liter, it is easy to change soda lime and used for over 1000kg animal
● Three methods: Table top and trolley and wall mounting arm, trolley is optional and wall mounting arm is optional
● Bains connector: It is used for open breath circuit, connect with Jackson breath  
 circuit or bains breath circuit.  
● Back bar: Supply selectatec compatiable mounting bar,ISO 23mm is compatible.
● Anesthesia vaporizer: TEC3 vaporizer. Enflurane, Isoflurane, Halothane,
 Sevoflurane, one vaporizer with selectatec compatiable mounting bar, Cage
 mounting vaporizer is compatiable.
● Trolley: There is a trolley to transport it.The trolley is optional.

● Tidal Volume: 5000-15000ml


Animal mask
Bird mask
Endotracheal intubation
Rescue and Resuscitation
Bains breathing circuit
T-piece anesthesia breathing circuit
Reusable breathing bag
Disposable absorber of anesthesia exhaust gas
Anesthesia ventilator
ETCO2 monitor SPO2 monitor Patient monitor
Oxygen concentrator
Oxygen concentrator-anesthesia machine Stand
Anesthesia machine-ventilator stand
Induction Chambers
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