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Product Name:Vet dog and cat Ehrlichia Ag test WMV100H
Application:Vet hospital,clinic(dog,cat etc)

Description of Vet dog and cat Ehrlichia Ag test WMV100H

Test Principle

Ehrlichia Test Kit is designed to detect Ehrlichia canis antibodies in whole blood, serum or plasma.After being

absorbed into the cellulose pad, the antibodies ofEhrlichia canismove and bind with gold-colloidcomplex

of Ehrlichia canisantigen of the conjugate pad, forming Ag-Ab complex.This complex, then, forms Ag-Ab-Ag direct

sandwich binding with p30/p30-1 antigen (Ag)of Ehrlichia canisin the nitrocellulose membrane. The test results can

appearance on Control and Test lines where the principles of immunochromatography are used.

Kit Composition

1. 10 pouches each containing one One-step cassette with sucker and desiccant

2. 10 tubes with sample extraction buffer

3. 10 single packed swabs

4. One instruction for use.

Storage and shelf

Stored at room temperature(2-30°C). DO NOT FREEZE. The shelf life is 2 year. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Test Procedure

1. Collect feces from ground with swab or just take out feces directly from the recta.

2. Insert the swab into the diluent tube and agitate sufficiently.

3. Put the test cassette on a plate desk or ground and drop 3 drops of the diluted specimen into the test window

“S”. Purple solution will flow laterally to opposite side.

4. Read the test result after about 5-10 minutes. The result is invalid if read after 10 minutes.

Interpretation of the results

The presence of only one band within the result window indicates a negative result. The presence of two color

bands (“T” and “C”) within the result window, no matter which band appears first indicates a positive result. If

the controll band is not visible within the result window, the result is considered invalid.

Special note

1. Please go to dealer for change if the kit is out of shelf life or is broken.

2. This kit is for onsite fast screen purpose, the result is only for reference, not diagnose.


The entire risk due to the performance of this product is assumed by the purchaser. The manufacturer shall not 

be liable for indirect, special or consequential damages of any kind resulting from use of this product.

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