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Product Name:Wondcon WMD100A washable blooodproof waterproof surgical gown
Application:Hospital and clinic doctor

Description of Wondcon WMD100A washable blooodproof waterproof surgical gown 

Size:L,M(L is for male,M is for female)

Description:Wondcon washable bloodproof waterproof surgical gown can make water, pus, blood, urine, stool,

sputum and other

liquid can't penetrate the interior,is three a through a resistance. It can reduce the incidence of hospital infection, and

because of its good durability, can be repeated use, safe and energy conservation and environmental protection.


3 Proof:Waterproof, anti-fouling, prevent infiltration

1 transparent:Deeply moisture, sweat eduction

1 resistance:Common pathogenic bacteria resistance bacteria, hospital blocking rate can reach 100%

Used:About 150 times 


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