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Product Name:Multi-functional Animal Anesthesia
Application:Multi-functional Animal Anesthesia

1.Product composition

Product Name Product Models
Vet anesthesia machine WMV680E
vet anesthesia mask WMA300
Gas filter Canister WMA1100
oxygen cylinder
Induction Chanmber WMA900

2.Product Description

This scheme is a completed solution forisoflurane anesthesia (before the surgery), animal fixing and animal anesthesia maintenance (during the surgery), which can meet the majority need of animal surgery, such as Cerebral ischemia and myocardial ischemia module, osteoporosis module, caudal vein injection, blood sampling in abdominal aorta and heart, ventricular injection, tissue/organ removal, etc. The extra gas can be absorbed by the canister connecting with the induction chamber or the gas evacuation system. Furthermore, the absorbent under pad can be put on the platform to absorb animal feces, urine, hairs to protect the equipments. The animal temperature controller is optional in this scheme. 

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