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Product Name:Animal anesthesia for Neuroscience research
Application:Animal anesthesia for Neuroscience research

1.Product Composition

Product Name Product Models
Vet anesthesia machine WMV680F
Induction Chamber WMA900
Gas Filter Canister WMA1200
Stereotaxic apparatus

2.Product Description 

This scheme is a completed solution for isoflurane anesthesia (before the surgery), head Position and anesthesia maintenance (during the surgery). Directly put the anesthesia mask to the Stereotaxic adaptor, it replace the booth bar and nose clamp of the adaptor to fix the animal head. Drive up the animal body by using the adjustable stage platform, it can guarantee the animal a smooth breath during the surgery. Furthermore, the absorbent under pad can be put on the platform to absorb animal feces, urine, hairs to protect the equipments. The extra gas can be absorbed by the canister or the gas evacuation system.This scheme is applicable for neurological disease modeling, intracranial injection, cannula implantation, physiological experiment, microdialysis and brain tissue damage.

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