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Product Name:Wondcon WMA105 Quick Fill Adapter
Application:Parts for anesthesia machine

Quick-fill only can match vaporizers of Sevoflurane. Uniqueness of the design of connector. 
1. Guarantee High compatibility of dosing. 
2. Ensure that zero leakage of dosing process. 
3. Meet requirement of leakproofness and safety.
4. To provide security for the users.  

Dosing rate: >2ml/S 
Leakage rate: <0.5ml/250ml 
Product dimension: 32mm×32mm×50mm 
Package: Carton
Matching connector: thread and shoulder of bottle comply with YY0755-2009,connector of vaporizer 
comply with Abbott design size. 

Company Certification: ISO5360, ISO9001 and ISO13485

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