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Product Name:Wondcon WMV690C Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator
Application:Animal clinic

Description of Wondcon WMV690C Veterinary Anesthesia Ventilator


Wondcon WMV690C Veterinary Anesthesia ventilator is an accurate, electronically controlled anesthesia ventilator that is suitable for use with both large and small animals


WMV690C veterinary anesthesia ventilator has pressure and flow sample.

Alarm and pressure limited protect function make the machine much safer.


Pneumatically driven electronically control

HD LCD Adult bellow(0-1500ml) or pediatric bellow(0-300ml)

Power: AC 220V, 50HZ or 110v, 60 Hz

Rated power: 25W

Works mode: IPPV, Manual

Respiration Mode: IPPV (Time control), MANUL, SIMV SIGH, DEMO

BPM: 3~65 bpm

I/E Ratio8:1,7:1, 6:1, 5:1, 4:1, 3:1, 2:1, 1.5:1, 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2, 1:3,1:4,1:5,1:6,1:7,1:8

TV: 50~1600ml

TV Monitor :50~1600ml

MV Monitor:0~99.9L

Alarm Setting: High or low airway pressure alarm, Power failure alarm, Low oxygen alarm

PEEP:0-15 cmH


Anesthesia ventilator with 300ml or 1500ml bellow

Corrugated hose(Φ22X900mm)

Corrugated hose(Φ22X30mm)

O2 gas source pipeline

Power supply

Flow sensor


Animal mask

Bird mask


Endotracheal intubation

Rescue and Resuscitation

Bains breathing circuit

T-piece anesthesia breathing circuit

Reusable breathing bag

Disposable absorber of anesthesia exhaust gas

Anesthesia machine

ETCO2 monitor SPO2 monitor Patient monitor

Oxygen concentrator

Oxygen concentrator-anesthesia machine Stand

Anesthesia machine-ventilator stand

Induction Chambers

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